Creative & DIY Baby Halloween Costumes

Happy October!

In honor of Halloween, I thought that I’d put together a list of some creative Halloween costumes for babies. One of the things that was most frustrating to me when searching ideas for things such as baby Halloween costumes is that there are bunches of articles that have AMAZING photos, but absolutely no tutorial on how to create the actual costume. I’m crafty, but not crafty enough to make a full fledged, feathered duck costume from scratch with no instructions!

What I have gathered here are some creative costumes – many of which can be done at the last minute – with tutorials included. Yay! Whether they be one-off costume, or a theme the whole family can enjoy, I hope to provide you with some exciting ideas for this spooky day!

Charlie Brown: a710d102b61c0fea2dcaafab8c5a7294

One the easiest DIY’s on this list, this is a great one if your baby still has a bald head! Image from EmilyMcCall. Items needed:

  • a yellow onesie & socks
  • black baby bottoms
  • black tape

Piece the tape in a zig-zag pattern width wise around the waist of the onesie… and that’s pretty much it. You can add a second layer of tape (or just use the wide kind) to make the black zig-zags thicker, and it never hurts to find a cute snoopy doll!

Baby BB-8:costume-bebe-bb8-maman-diy-8

Love Star Wars? This is the costume for you! Check out the tutorial at mamandiy!

  • white onesie & baby beanie
  • orange, gray & black felt
  • fabric/hot glue

Girlie Ghost:

Forget about throwing a sheet over their head. Check out this easy tutorial from mydiycreations.

  • white onesie
  • white tulle
  • black stockings
  • white, black, and orange ribbon
  • two headbands
  • black and white pom poms

Baby Scuba Diver:baby-scuba-diver-costume-words

I love the use of the pacifier for this swim-tastic costume. All we’ve got to do is make Daddy a shark! Tutorial here at ilovemykidsblog

  • Empty 2 liter bottle
  • 1 piece black felt
  • Electric tape
  • Yarn or string of some sort
  • Binky (If you’re baby isn’t a binky sucker, maybe try a different costume…!)
  • Black pants, shirt & socks
  • Silver paint
  • Black velcro


Going with the sea theme, what’s more darling than this DIY Octopus costume from usaandcaninjapan? Definitely make one for your cute babe and they will be the hit of the party!

  • 4 pairs of poka dot womens socks (or 4 pairs of matching baby tights)
  • batting to stuff  6 tentacles
  • 1 pair of baby bloomers
  • matching shirt (cannot be a onesie) & baby beanie
  • white & black felt

Image also from costume-works.

Clark Kent:clark_kent14

I don’t know if there is anything more super than a baby Superman. I came across this idea on costume-works. Many mommies will already have the majority of this costume in their baby’s closet, too!

  • white dress shirt, pants & shoes
  • black children’s tie
  • Superman onesie/shirt
  • black baby glasses (can be sunglasses – just pop out the lenses!)


Nothing better to represent your cutie and making them an actual cutie! This is definitely the easiest costume on this list.

  • empty cuties box
  • orange balloons
  • orange onesie & hat

While there isn’t an actual tutorial for this one, it’s easy enough that one isn’t needed! Image from infokids.

Baby Lumberjack:


Bring out your baby’s manly side with this lumberjack costume. Such a fun and easy costume from cartoonview

  • black wool hat
  • plaid shirt
  • baby jeans
  • baby suspenders
  • toy axe
  • eyebrow pencil


Cute-Halloween-costumes-babyAny Harry Potter fans out there? This one is one of my favorites and another from costume-works! All you will need is:

  • black baby beanie
  • planter pot (big enough for your baby and preferably plastic)
  • sign (typed and printed)
  • fake plant leaves
  • hot glue

Hot glue the leaves to the top of the beanie, glue the sign to the front of the pot, and stick your baby inside!

No matter what you choose to do this Halloween, be sure to have FUN with it! Comment below with the costumes you’ve tried with your little one!

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