The Little Things

When did I stop remembering the little things? We all love babies with their little fingers and little toes, but there is so much more. In a world run by expectations, it’s easy to overlook the small moments that we would have otherwise looked back on to hold dear forever.

When I do remember, I try to imprint his entire baby goodness into my memory. Not just him, but all the little things, too. His chubby cheeks that jiggle in the stroller, his little mouth suckling when there is nothing there, how he sometimes sleeps with his eyes still open, or when he rolls his eyes into his head when he is full and content.

I cherish the moments when he reaches out for the bottle with both hands, his mouth wide open in anticipation, how excited he gets splashing in the bathtub while pumping his chunky legs, or when his arms and legs wiggle a million miles an hour — wide awake — when he knows he should be sleeping.

He snuggles the blanket close to his face for comfort, or rests his head on my chest. I think about the times that he has wrapped his fingers around mine (even if it was just an automatic reaction) and about all the ways he has progressed since then.

I love watching his chest rise and fall as he sleeps and his wild eyes that roam and explore the world every time we go outside, and smile when I remember his silly quirks (snorting just for fun, giggling in anticipation of being tickled, flopping around on the dog’s bed because he can)

It helps to take some time at the end of each day to reflect. Blogging helps me to remember — some of the posts I write can be months in the making.

I know I don’t catch everything, but the fact is this: He’s only young once, and I’m going to savor every moment of it!


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